Owen Anderson's 2014 Running Camp
This email list is for the Reston Runners, and others, who plan to attend Owen's Anderson's West Virginia Running Camp this summer. It is simply list registry for now; there is NO implied obligation.

A detailed description, including the cost can be found here Owen's 2014 Running Camp

Its primary purpose is to help us easily and securely communicate with registered attendees and those who may be interested in attending.

Please make a separate record for everyone in your party (spouse, relative, other) so we can easily get an accurate count.

Additionally, the registry provides everyone with a very handy means to easily and securely communicate with their fellow attendees prior to camp, traveling to WV and while at camp.

All registered folks have access to the the full registry and the ability to send emails and text messages to any individual, a group of them and to the everyone in the group. Everyone's cellphone number and email address are available.

It is imperative that you complete the two step process in order to have full registry privileges. This is required to insure the registry is secure.
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Login by entering your Last and First names and email address and [if shown] the Security Code. Program will check your entry to see if you are already registered.

If you have a problem, question or need the required ID or PW [password], email the Registry Admin

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